Since incident solar radiation and cooling demand are in phase for most of the day at Caribbean sites, and between 4 and 7 kWh/m2 of solar energy is available virtually every day, solar cooling makes sense. A solar ice maker with a capacity of 50 lbs (22.7 kg) of ice per day was operated at CERMES, UWI, Barbados, for six months using 1.1kWp of BP Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. This was a pilot study for a full scale, one-tonne-per-day solar ice maker at the fishing village of Skeete’s Bay on the southeast coast of Barbados at a new fishing complex. The Skeete’s Bay solar PV ice maker system uses 148 BP Solar 275F solar PV modules with a maximum output of 4.75A and 17.0V. These are wired in series-parallel to form an array with a nominal output of 11,100W (48V at 231A). This power is directed into a battery bank of twenty four12V, 200Ah (100hour rate) lead acid batteries. Two Trace SW4048 inverters power two Scotsman model 1200AE-32A flake ice machines, each producing 1170 lbs (531kg) per day and feeding into a common storage bin of 4.1m3.

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