Professor Sadeghi and his coworkers have been developing a method to estimate the rolling contact fatigue life of rolling bearings in recent years using a continuum damage mechanics (CDM) approach. Development of the method has involved progression from a defect-free and inclusion-free model to ones incorporating grain boundary cracks and inclusions.

The most recent paper on this topic is authored by Walvekar et al. [1]. In Sec. 2.2, the authors stated “It was hypothesised that failure mechanism for torsional fatigue and rolling contact fatigue are equivalent because the mechanism for damage accumulation is similar for both types of fatigue phenomena.” It is necessary to verify whether such a hypothesis is correct or not but this has not been carried out within the paper.

This hypothesis was postulated by Raje and Sadeghi in 2009 in a paper published in the IMechE Journal of Engineering Tribology entitled “Statistical Numerical Modelling...

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